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"After practicing Pilates in group class format for almost 15 years, I have been working with Anna one on one for 7 years now. During that time Anna has not only increased my general fitness, flexibility and strength but she has helped me get to know my body better. She is able to listen to what my body needs but also able to push me where I am unable to push myself. I sit down for a living and I firmly believe that my lack of back pain is due to my once weekly sessions with Anna. I don’t know what I would do without her!" -KH


"I started working with Anna doing Pilates mat post delivering my baby girl. I was very excited to get back in shape.  Taking Anna's mat classes always was extremely rewarding with her knowledge of the body and flow of the exercises throughout the class.  I started wanting more of a challenge and started taking private equipment classes with Anna.  What an incredible experience!  Anna always knew how to appropriately challenge me throughout our time together.  I could tell she was very passionate about Pilates as it showed in her desire to continue to teach new techniques and exercises to me. My body quickly became incredibly limber and tone.  I want to thank Anna for working with me and tailoring our sessions to help me achieve my goals!" -EM


"Discovering this studio, and Anna, has been a revelation. I have learned more about my body in 2 sessions than in years. I feel so good after each session."- MD

"Great teacher- in a group setting or in an individual session. I immediately felt comfortable and she makes the time go fast."- MS

"I used to hate Pilates. Until I took Anna's class. You learn, you move, and you have fun."  -LW

"Anna is an incredible instructor - she has the rare ability to critic in a way that only makes you want to push yourself more, all while keeping the lesson light and fun.  I have been working with her for 4 years and through a pregnancy, and I not only have a better understanding of the musculoskeletal system, I am in the best shape of my life thanks to her. She is encouraging and supportive -  a cheerleader when you need the extra push, and as excited as you are when you master something new. I feel like Anna is as invested in my Pilates practice as I am and that is something I have never been able to say about a trainer or instructor before."- LM

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"I have always enjoyed being active, but over time, I developed some chronic issues limiting my ability to do certain activities – including just walking - a tight hip.  Since I started working with Anna, I have enjoyed improvement in all of my issues, most notably the look one gets from being constantly hunched over a computer (or stove) or whatever.  I feel 100X better, am stronger and without trying have lost about 10 lbs so far.  Needless to say I am incredibly pleased to be able to do all my activities – now with no discomfort or pain and am really looking forward to continue to work with Anna to take my fitness and Pilates practice to the next level." -PH

"Anna is the kind of Pilates instructor that not only gives you a great workout, but she makes you think critically about what you're doing while you're doing it, so you get to know your body better as you progress. She has the innate ability to look at your body in motion and hone in on exactly what the issue is. In my years doing Pilates, I've found a lot of teachers who go through the motions or have a set "workout", but Anna's sessions are designed to target specific areas of weakness or disfunction based on what she sees in your movement. I've learned more about my body working with Anna than I have with any other trainer during my time as a pro athlete. She's the real thing!" -JW

"Pilates with Anna is life-changing. She is an exceptional Pilates instructor with unmatched knowledge and understanding of anatomy and movement, to the point that she can identify what’s happening with my body just by looking at me or watching me move. Dealing with chronic illness, a history of sports-related injuries, and a computer based job, I find Pilates restorative and essential. Anna tailors every session to what you need that day, and after our sessions my entire body feels aligned and restored. I’m grateful to Anna for putting my body back together every time we meet!"- KZ

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