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Premiering September 2021, introduces its first ever dance film, Level Up. In this film, a dancer in her 30s grapples with her own personalized idea of success, failure, and the gray areas in between. Find your tickets to the Durham premiere here!


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Anna's live work is currently on display at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) as a recipient of the 2018-2019 NC Arts Council Fellowship. Exhibition runs Feb 13- June 7, 2020.


Planned Parenthood reached out to Emmy-winning director Cynthia Hill of Markay Media to create a short film exploring the first tenet of their UNSTOPPABLE Manifesto:

“Our bodies are our own. If they are not, we cannot be truly equal.” 

Choreography by Anna Barker




Anna Barker returned to her alma mater, Temple University, to present her recent work "Feature Presentation" for the 2018 Alumni Dance Concert. Feature Presentation is a series of dance theater vignettes that explore how we perform curated versions of ourselves in our everyday life. Continuing in her vignette aesthetic, Feature Presentation moves through sections of precise, technical and gestural dancing interspersed with humorous theatrical sections in which Barker and Wilks address the audience and each other. Shows at 7:30pm , October 12th & 13th, at Conwell Hall @ Temple University.





Is anything more terrifying than failure? In her third evening-length work, Durham artist Anna Barker presents a series of dance-theater vignettes exploring how we experience failure—either by writhing in the discomfort of it or by avoiding it at all costs. A foil to her 2016 work "Feature Presentation", which examined success and the curated self-image, Again, but this time with feeling exposes the other side of the same coin—the darker, more difficult side. What happens when shooting for the stars doesn’t quite pan out? What happens when we are left with our own, personalized feeling of failure? How do we navigate not only our greatest blunders, but also our routine, everyday missteps?

"Failing is one of the most universal human experiences, To fail, to say to yourself that you’ve failed, necessitates a certain level of honesty and vulnerability. How we choose to deal with failure is a reflection of our ability to accept certain truths about ourselves. In the face of adversity and potential failure, we decide to either give up or keep going. I’m interested in what drives us to make these decisions. As a dance artist, you could consider me an expert in personal ‘failure,’ whether that’s not making it through auditions, not getting grants, facing injury, or being given a bad review. And yet, I’m still creating work and still facing the same failures. There’s something inherently funny about that."  - Anna Barker


Anna is a choreographer and performer based in Durham, North Carolina. After spending 10 years dancing in Philadelphia and New York City, Anna relocated back to her hometown and founded her dance theater company with collaborator Leah Wilks. Since then, Anna has created and produced three evening-length works in Durham: it's not me it's you in 2014, Feature Presentation in 2016 and Again, but this time with feeling in 2018. Anna is the recipient of the North Carolina Arts Council's Fellowship for 2018-2019, as well as the Durham Arts Council's Emerging Artist Award for 2018.. Anna has presented work as part of the American Dance Festival, Duke Performances, the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, APAP NYC, The North Carolina Dance Festival, WAXworks at Triskelion Arts (Brooklyn), and at Elsewhere Collaborative, The Haw River Ballroom, The Carrack Modern Art Gallery, the Durham Arts Council, the Carrboro ArtsCenter, The Living Arts Collective, Dance New Amsterdam (Manhattan), and the New York Film School (Manhattan). Anna recently choreographed a film under the direction of Cynthia Hill for Planned Parenthood. Anna is a freelance choreographer and movement consultant, and teaches Pilates locally at Bull City Pilates and Massage and at Ninth Street Dance. 

Anna Barker

"My goal as an artist is to invite audiences to view everyday life through the lens of modern dance.

I am interested in bridging the gap between dance as a formal medium and the lived experience of routine physicality." - Anna Barker

REAL.LIVE.PEOPLE is the brainchild of Anna Barker and collaborator Leah Wilks. The dance-theater company, based in Durham NC, explores the human condition via idiosyncratic movement and gesture. Through the combination of movement, music, text, humor and theater, Barker draws from our shared experiences to create an exchange about our inherent social and interpersonal existence.




Anna was introduced to Pilates during college as a strengthening and supportive tool for her dance career. It quickly became an integral part of her training as a movement practitioner. She went on to receive her Mat Certification at Body Precision Pilates in 2009 in Philadelphia, PA, and spent the next 5 years teaching in Philly and New York City. Anna completed her apparatus (equipment) certification at InsideOutBodyTherapies and currently teaches at Bull City Pilates in the heart of Durham, NC. Anna is fascinated by the healing and reconstructive elements of Pilates, and has used the system to combat her own dance-related injuries. Her Pilates class consists of an ever-evolving synergy of classical Pilates exercises and dance and yoga ideologies. Anna is also certified in TRX Suspension training, and loves the intersection of the TRX system with the Pilates method. She is thrilled to share her movement experiences with the community, while not taking herself too seriously! 

Private Instruction available both in-home and in-studio. All private equipment sessions take place at Bull City Pilates and Massage. Please use the contact form below to schedule a personal training appointment or find out more about classes. 



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